Tuesday, March 02, 2010

PCA Encounter Group in Kendal

Encounter Group in Kendal
Friday 9 April (7.30pm) to Sunday 11 April (4pm)
Facilitated by Will Stillwell from the La Jolla Program in California.

About the Encounter and the person centred approach
An Encounter Group provides an opportunity for people to experience a temporary Person-Centred Community. Such gatherings can be facilitated or have no formal structure except for conditions required by the venue. There is a commitment to creating an environment of the Core Conditions: where individuals are accepted and valued, where we each strive for empathy and authenticity. Since there is no-one "directing", each member of the group is able to take personal responsibility. It is an opportunity for self-exploration of, for example, your relationship with personal power. The gatherings can be challenging, exciting and deeply moving.

Reflecting on his experiences in both large and small community groups, Carl Rogers wrote: "I realise that of all the ventures in which I have ever been involved, this was the most thoroughly person-centred".

* Group numbers are between 10 and 25.
* The cost is £95 (there may be reduced fee places available, on request) for the facilitation and administration fee. Food and accommodation is not included.
* This group requires payment in advance for each booking.
* No food is provided except a limited variety of coffee, tea and biscuits. Please state special requirements. There are places to eat nearby.
* We include your contact details on a participant list, unless you ask us not to.
* Each gathering will determine its own confidentiality with regard to sharing of personal information, photographs from the event etc.
* Our meetings are unstructured, taking encounter form.
* The gatherings can be exciting, energising and risky. This offers a rare opportunity to experience an undirected temporary community. The facilitator has some responsibility for ensuring that arrangements go smoothly.
* We ask each for each person to be responsible for her/himself. We also ask each member of the community to contribute as far as they are able towards the 'duty of care'.

La Jolla Program
Will Stillwell is facilitating the 8 day Program in the south of England and has agreed to facilitate an Encounter Group in Kendal. He knew Carl Rogers. La Jolla Program uses a method of facilitating human potential and interpersonal effectiveness that grew out of client-centred therapy and known today as the person-centred approach. To help someone else “grow as a person” is no easier than to “grow oneself as a person.” But it can be done, and we have some hope – based on over 40 years of observation and practice – that it may be guided and encouraged by what one learns at the La Jolla Program. Take this weekend for yourself! You may decide to do the 8 day La Jolla Program at a later date (Phone 01539 720647 for more information).

Many, many people tell us this experience is still extremely useful, many years later. You can think of the Encounter Group as part of your journey of self discovery and professional advancement. You will learn methods for being effective in your associations with other people both personally and professionally. You will probably interact with people who bring different customs, thoughts, values and aspirations to the program. You may become a more effective listener. You may increase your acceptance of others and yourself. You will learn more about yourself at levels that are invigorating and may be surprising.

For more information on the British Person Centred Approach Network, go to: www.pcan.info

For more information on La Jolla Program go to:

For bookings and further information on the Kendal Encounter, contact:
Ian Fallows on (01539) 720647 or email ianfallows@hotmail.com

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