Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Launde Abbey Encounter Weekend

PCAN - see Kendal Encounter post, below - are running another event at their regular haunt, Launde Abbey, from Friday 9-Sunday 11 April 2010. Some places remain. The cost will be £195 for the weekend.

For further details, contact Bernard Mooney, T: 020 8504 3675.

Launde Abbey is an Elizabethan manor house, set in a partly wooded valley among the rolling hills of Leicestershire. It has gardens of several acres, and is a place of tranquility. It is the site of an Augustinian priory founded in 1119.

PCAN (established over 30 years ago) has met here for more than 20 years.

See the website for more details of how to get there.

“In a group where control is shared by all… where every person is empowered, a new type of community becomes possible, an organic kind of flow… if we can find even one partial truth about the processes by which… people live together…. Without destroying one another… can live together with a caring concern for the full development for each person… can live together in the richness of diversity, instead of the sterility of conformity, then we may have found a truth with many, many implications”
[Carl Rogers, On Personal Power, 1978]

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