Saturday, October 29, 2011

Person-Centred Audio - Listen While You Browse!

If you look over to the right in the sidebar, you'll see the LISTEN WHILE YOU BROWSE section of our site. Here's some more information about our playlist:

TRACKS 1-4: Carl Rogers - Being Yourself (Audio Book) - first released as a 4 cassette series in June, 1977.

TRACK 5: A selection from Carl Rogers' Some Observations on the Organization of Personality - narrated by John Lescault.

TRACK 6: Don Goewey, author of Mystic Cool, discusses neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to grow neurons) as it relates to stress, fear and addiction. Don gives an explanation of mirror neurons and their role in the social brain’s ability to learn from participating in support groups such as 12-Step programs. Don ends with some easy to use tips for healthy brain development using some tools he learned from his long time friend, psychologist Carl Rogers.

TRACK 7: Dr Wade Hannon – The Person Centered Approach in Counseling (talk with's Dr. Jill Nelson (both from North Dakota State University).

TRACK 8: Dr. Juergen Kriz on Self-Actualization and Person-Centred Psychotherapy - fascinating 3-way discussion with the brilliant person-centred systems theorist.

TRACK 9: Person-centered therapy - from the Social Work Podcast series, hosted by J.B. Singer (February 12, 2007).

TRACK 10: Carl Rogers - AHP Keynote Address from 1983 - Although it has had a major impact on culture, Humanistic Psychology has had too little impact on mainstream psychology.

TRACKS 11-12: Carl Rogers - AHP talk from 1974, Do We Need “A” Reality - Part 1 features Carl discussing social constructivist theory as a promising resource for learning and growth; Part 2 is a follow-up Q&A session.

TRACK 13: Carl Rogers - To Be the Self That Truly Is (1957) - citing Soren Kirkegaard, Carl discusses psychology and a meaningful life.

TRACKS 14-15: Carl Rogers - New World / New Person (22 February 1981) - Part 1 features Carl discussing a world in turmoil and travail – chaos, terrorism and confusion - and his predictions on how persons will be able to live in an uncertain future; Part 2 is a follow-up Q&A session.

TRACK 16: Maureen O'Hara - Carl Rogers Award Presentation Podcast: Psychological Literacy for Transformational Times. On August 18, 2007 Maureen received the Carl Rogers award for "outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of humanistic psychology" from the American Psychological Association's Division of Humanistic Psychology at the APA convention in San Francisco and delivered this presentation.

TRACK 17: Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, Director of the Milton Erickson Foundation (, architect of The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conferences (, and editor or author of more than 20 books (, tells his reminiscences about Carl Rogers.

TRACK 18: Dr. Ed Neukrug talks about an unexpected response from Carl Rogers when he asked him a question. Entitled: "Oh my God, he doesn't like me!"

TRACK 19: Dr. Howard (Howie) Kirschenbaum, well-known biographer of Carl Rogers, tells a story about the "second" Rogers-Skinner debate.

TRACK 20: Dr. Sam Gladding, Wake Forest University and the past-president of the American Counseling Association tells a story about "The Harder Side of Carl Rogers".

TRACK 21: Dr. Gay Swenson Barfield, co-founder with Carl Rogers and former Director of the Carl Rogers Peace Project, tells a story about Carl: "Where he Walks his Talk".

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