Friday, September 30, 2005

Person Centred Approach in Yorkshire & The Humber

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Study raises questions on counselling

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The way ahead - perhaps

Hi all!
I am toying with the idea of using this/a blog instead of managing/using the PCAYorks email list to communicate. Perhaps to run the two hand-in-hand and see how it goes.

Person Centred Research
Seamus Nash has asked if I can circulate information about his doctoral research in the hope that PCA practitioners will take part. GIVE IT A LOOK:

Study Raises Questions on Counselling
In an age of psychologists, counselling and victim support could it be that the stiff upper lip approach might actually have some merit? The accepted wisdom of the moment is if you have a problem you should talk about it, but there is growing evidence that some forms of counselling don't work and may actually be harmful.

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National Counselling Charity now operates out of Bradford
Counselling is now operating from: 62 Douglas Towers, Radwell Drive, Bradford BD5 0QR. Believe me, anyone working from BD5 needs all the support they can get!.

Check out the website:

Meetings of the local BAPCA Group
We aim to schedule at least one actual, physical meeting of PCAYorks before the end of the calendar year. It will probably be in Bradford City Centre. If you have a preference for daytime, evening, weekend or whatever, please post up here or email

Putting documents up
Although this isn't a full blown website, we can share docs by uploading them to a file server/sharer such as Rapidshare. If you ever have anything that you want to make available / downloadable for others, please let me know.