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Statutory Regulation - Links

BAPCA Documents:

BAPCA Report: Meeting with Shadow Health Minister, November 2009 - Allan Turner and Teresa Cosgrove represent BAPCA at the meeting in the Grand Committee Room at Westminster Palace called by Anne Milton, MP and Shadow Health Minister.

BAPCA Members in Action:

Open Letter - The Future of the Person-Centred Approach in the UK and the Case against HPC and State Regulation: An open letter to BAPCA

Government body:

HPC - Regulation of Psychotherapists and Counsellors
'The HPC is a UK-wide regulatory body which keeps a register of health professionals meeting its standards for training, professional skills, behaviour and health. Currently, 13 professions are registered including arts therapists.'

HPC Watchdog - 'Watching the HPC to protect the public’s liberty.'

Professional bodies:

The Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy - Against State Regulation - A host of reports, articles and links can be found under ‘Resources’.

BACP on Statutory Regulation - 'BACP continued to favour statutory regulation in principle but believe the current proposals are not 'fit for purpose'.'

BPS on Statutory Regulation - Statutory regulation for psychologists was introduced on 1 July 2009 and the Health Professions Council (HPC) Register of practitioner psychologists opened.

IPN on Statutory Regulation - IPN is 'committed to defending freedom of practice, and to creating a culture of openness and challenge. The Network grows out of the belief that no centralised organisation has the right or the ability to decide who should practise therapy, facilitation or equivalent skills.'

UKCP on Statutory Regulation - 'UKCP has always advocated statutory regulation as a mechanism to protect the public interest and to give psychotherapy professional recognition and responsibility, as well as to unite the profession.'

Articles by person-centred practitioners on Regulation and related subjects:

‘Dare We Do Away With Professionalism?’ Why the person-centred approach is opposed to the state regulation of the psychological therapies by Andy Rogers - Article originally published in Therapy Today, May 2009

Notes on the Increasing Access to the Psychological Therapies Programme by Paul McGahey & David Murphy - Article published in PCQ, August 2008

Response to Proposals on Statutory Regulation by Paul McGahey - Article published in PCQ, August 2007

Ahead of His Time: Carl Rogers on 'Professionalism', 1973 by Richard House - Article published in Ipnosis, Summer 2002

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