Monday, May 15, 2006

The Richard Bryant-Jefferies post

Following correspondence with Richard, we are delighted to be able to make a number of his papers available as a single pdf document:

  • Carl Rogers' Client-Centred Therapy: A Spiritual Perspective

  • From Person to Transperson-centredness

  • Stress: An Esoteric Necessity?

  • Trust

  • The Person of Tomorrow

  • The Jigsaw of Self

  • Right Human Relations

  • Seeds: A Living Metaphor for Our Time

  • Collaborative Review - helping ensure psychological health in practitioners of all disciplines

  • Europe: The Evolution of an Idea

  • Who Knows Who?: A Challenge to Primary Health Care Counselling

  • Abortion: An Esoteric Perspective for Reflection

  • A Fresh Look at Depression

  • On Becoming an Alcohol Counsellor

  • A Seven Ray Perspective on Addiction

  • A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

  • Download here:

    Also uploaded individually:

    Person-Centredness: A Heartening Experience?


    Perhaps Richard’s best known work is the ‘LIVING THERAPY’ Series, but since making this (now edited 3 March 2010) post, he has a brand new website and a number of new publications; you can check out his prolific authorship for yourself at:

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