Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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End Of The 'Prozac Nation'?
Mind have been given 3.7 million funding over two years from the Department of Health. People suffering from depression will be able to have better access to counselling and talking therapies under a major new programme announced on the 16th May 2006 by UK Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

Miss Hewitt said: 'Millions of people suffer from mild to moderate mental health problems, and treating them takes up about a third of GPs’ time. Too many people are prescribed medication as a quick fix solution, but talking therapies work equally well and patients prefer to receive them.'

Albert Ellis not awfulizing
We announced in our newsletter the problems between Albert Ellis and the Albert Ellis Institute which he founded. For those who have not followed the story so far Dr. Ellis was removed from the Board of his own institution. Calls were made for Dr. Ellis to be re-instated and for the resignation of the Chief Executive Dr. Broder; A Committee was formed to put things right and found that Dr. Ellis` removal from the Board was actually Illegal. Al`s intentions are to stay on the Board for the rest of his life and steer the Institute which he founded.

Dr. Broder has since resigned as the Executive Director, however the
domain seems to be becoming a public noticeboard for the dispute, see: and the legal costs continue to mount.

According to an open letter, Dr. Ellis is claimed to have said, "The Institute consists of several idiots - incompetent *astards who are doing me and Debbie in. And I don't like that - why should I like that? I hate it. So, I talk back and fight back. But I never say, 'They shouldn't be that way.' They SHOULD be that way because they were born and raised to be that way - so I accept them and I don't upset myself or awfulize about them."

More information about Albert Ellis can be found on WikiPedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Stress Facts
According to an ACAS report published in 2005, stress is estimated to cause over 13 million sick days each year, and costs employers a staggering GBP 3.7 billion.

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