Thursday, April 22, 2010

Psy-Praxis - The Changing Context

I know this blog has been banging on about the regulation of counselling and psychotherapy issue a lot in recent times and this is not an apology for that.

Although the person-centred approach has influence and application in many fields, the majority of our current membership - and of BAPCA, the main membership body in the UK for the PCA - is training and/or working in the field of the talking therapies. And the proposed regulation of the counselling and psychotherapy professions by the Health Professions Council has the potential to influence the future of those professions and all practitioners within them.

For those wanting to keep on top of HPC/regulation-related issues, you should probably be making regular visits to the websites of the Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy and the HPC Watchdog blog -

and I would also recommend that you subscribe to receive 'Psy-Praxis – The Changing Context' reports by Janet Low.

If you are already on the mailing list of the Alliance, you might already be receiving messages from Janet Low PhD, whose main contribution to informing the debate consists in keeping a close eye on the functioning of the HPC and related bodies.

It always makes for fascinating reading.

For those unfamiliar with Psy-Praxis, I've uploaded the last 6 months' worth of her reports - here they are, most recent first:

PP50 - The Generic Standards
PP49 - The Mystery Of FTP
PP48 - Review Of First Quarter 2010
PP47 - Power
PP46 - Politics
PP44 - Education & Training Committee
PP43 - Post Confer Conference
PP42 - Prepping The Confer Conference
PP41 - Interview With Mind
PP40 - National Audit Of Psychological Therapies
PP37 - HPC Fudge Consultation Results
PP36 - Collapse of GSCC
PP35 - State Machinery: IAPT, NICE etc
PP34 - UKCP Election Results
PP33 - Anne Milton Meeting.

If you just want to grab them as a job lot, here's the zipped bundle.

Janet's email is on each of them - just drop her a line and ask to be added to the mailing list. Let her know you read about it here.

She would welcome contributions - most helpfully in the form of monitoring the HPC website, FTP (Fitness To Practise) hearings and other relevant developments.

Financial support for the 'project' would also be welcome - she attends a lot of meetings when she could be earning a living (she is registered as a practising analyst with the New Lacanian School (NLS) – but we won’t hold that against her). Here’s her website.

Hope you dip in - always worth reading.

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