Monday, February 22, 2010

Carl Rogers' Transcripts

Transcripts of Carl Rogers' Therapy Sessions
Edited by Barbara T. Brodley and Germain Lietaer
[Completed in December, 2006]

To facilitate psychotherapy research and the education of students in client-centred therapy, the editors have compiled as complete a record as possible of transcripts of Carl R. Rogers' sessions with actual and demonstration clients.

A full description of this project is available in an article by Germain Lietaer and Barbara T. Brodley, "Carl Rogers in the Therapy Room: A Listing of Session Transcripts and a Survey of Publications Referring to Rogers’ Sessions," published 2004 in Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies, 2(4), pp. 274-291.

A supplemental list of more recent publications referring to Rogers’ sessions is included with the collected transcripts.

To facilitate access to this collection, PCAyorks – the regional network for the Person-Centred Approach in Yorkshire & the Humber (UK) – has, since 2007, provided webhosting for this resource. Prior to that, the 17 documents were being emailed as separate attachments, in response to individual requests only.

From correspondence with the principal editorial assistant to the project, we were informed that: “…Barbara and Germain are not in favor of "posting" them publicly on the web. But if what you are doing is more a personal thing to be followed up upon only by word of mouth I think that is fine. Thank you for your kind offer [...] “That is really fantastic. It worked in seconds when I clicked on it directly from your email message. I am quite overwhelmed.”

Whilst she was still working on the transcripts, Barbara Brodley informed us that she fully supported the efforts we were making to promote the Person Centred Approach through the private distribution of such key papers: “… especially Rogers' transcripts which I think belong to the world” [5 July 2006].

If you would like to receive the download link to the full transcript collection, please contact us at, stating that you understand and accept that they are being made freely available as Microsoft Word documents for purposes of research, study and teaching and may not be sold.

The Person Centred Approach / CCT has always been at the forefront of evidence based practice and the availability of this collection will enable students, teachers, practitioners and researchers to study in detail the work of Rogers with his own clients. We at PCAyorks are delighted to play a small, but significant part in promoting and facilitating the Approach in this way.

We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

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