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CPD Opportunities for the solvent practitioner

We've been asked to give the following a plug. Quite a mouth-watering selection of opportunities coming up this year:


La Jolla Program UK 2010
A Project of the Center for Studies of the Person, La Jolla, California, USA

Saturday 17 April – Sunday 25 April 2010
St Rita’s Centre, Honiton, Devon

Carl Rogers founded the Center for Studies of the Person in 1968 with colleagues who shared his belief in the person-centered approach. They developed an intensive residential workshop, known as the La Jolla Program. This has been attended over the years by thousands of people from many countries. Its continued success encouraged the Directors of the Center to bring the Program to the UK This will be the 7th year it has been brought to this country providing an opportunity to explore personal and professional relationships in a supportive environment. The pattern of each day will be negotiated with participants, placing high value on mutual respect, careful listening and the acceptance of differences.

The facilitators will be Will Stillwell and Keddie Burrows. Will was a colleague of Carl Rogers. He works in organisations as coach to individuals, facilitator to groups, and mediator in conflict situations. Keddie is director of the Center and specialises in working with developmentally disabled people for whom the regular health care system has not worked well.

Cost: £470-£555

Kay Laurie (UK Organiser), La Jolla Program UK, 30 Chestnut Court, Norwich NR2 1HB
T: 01603 614766 E:

You can find out more about the La Jolla Program at:


Being our ages
A residential weekend encounter for women at Northern College, Barnsley
Facilitated by Gillian Proctor and Linda Smith
Friday 6pm, 26 March 2010 to Sunday 4pm, 28 March 2010
Cost: £245.

An opportunity for women to spend time with other women talking about what age means for us. We are hoping this will be an experience not only for therapists, but for all women.

How do messages given to us affect us?
“You'll understand when you're older”
“You don't look your age”
“You can't wear that at your age”

Gillian Proctor: I have just celebrated my 40th birthday. This age felt like a watershed in terms of reproductive potential and no longer being able to delude myself that others see me as “young”.

Linda Smith: In the year 2010, I will be able to say, “Next year I will be 60.” I'm shocked in disbelief. I cannot relate to this age. Nothing in the world helps me to identify myself with being 60.

Temenos Person-Centred Education & Training, 289 Abbeydale Road Sheffield S7 1FJ
T: 0114 258 0058

Understanding and Supporting Self-Injury
With Eleanor Longden
Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January 2010
Cost: Individuals £140, Funded places £170.

Self-injury is a purposeful act of coping and self-help in which emotional pain is externalised and dealt with in a more visible way. However, this very visibility means self-injury is often treated with mistrust and fear. This session will explore why people self-injure and how self-injury is related to life events, as well as how mental health workers can engage in an open, supportive and empathic relationship with someone who self-injures. Guidance will also be provided around the concept of harm minimisation and safer self-injury.

'Mistakes' in Psychotherapy
With Colin Lago and David Rose
Wednesday 17 February 2010
Cost: Individuals £70, Funded places £90.

This was a frequently used phrase within our profession in the 70’s and 80’s. It reflected a philosophic view, current at that time that mistakes were inevitable, were to be learned from and reflected upon, and proved oftentimes to be productive within therapy.

We contend that in this current climate, there is a much more rigid, fearful attitude within the profession towards ‘mistakes’ that we might make, as counsellors and psychotherapists. We may be more anxious now about telling our supervisors about them or fear official complaints being made against us by our clients.

A day of Dialogue: Person-Centred Therapies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
With Joe Curran and Linda Smith
Wednesday 24 February 2010
Cost: Individuals £70, Funded places £90.

This day is an opportunity to experience contemporary understanding and advances with both Person-Centred Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, through experiential engagement. We have a commitment to critical dialogue and subjective experiencing and the process is often lively and enjoyable. This may be a chance to discover, within the day, if the Postgraduate certificate course beginning in March 2010 is one you might find useful.

The Tyranny of Person-Centredness
With Leah Davidson, Suzanne Keys, Gillian Proctor, Clare Raido and Linda Smith
Friday 5 March 2010
Cost: £95.

‘That’s not person-centred’.

‘We’re all person-centred – I put the client first’.

‘You can’t be angry/judgemental/challenging/ask a question if you’re person-centred’.

Ever heard these in yourself or from others?

The Intimacy of Authenticity
With Gillian Proctor and Linda Smith
Friday 12 March 2010
Cost: Individuals £70, Funded places £90

Where is your power?
What about ethics?
Where is your sexuality?
What about risk of authenticity?

Where is self-care?
What about non-defensive practice?
What is real/authentic?

Also taking place on Saturday 20 March in Edinburgh (
and Saturday 12 June in Brighton (

With Clare Raido and Linda Smith
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 March 2010
Cost: Individuals £140, Funded places £170

Antony Gormley says: ‘our place is in the consciousness of another’.

Jacques Lacan identifies: ‘a bridge to self-experience, the change between one and the other – to encounter.’

Peter Schmid asks: ‘Who are you?’

Carl Rogers writes: ‘each of whom is endeavouring to the best of his ability, to be himself in the relationship.’

Person-Centred Expressive Therapy
Creative Expression and Connection through the Arts

With Tess Sturrock and Fiona Strodder
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 April 2010
Cost: Individuals £140, Funded places £170

In a world of busyness, dis-ease and disconnection:

How can we feel good in our own bodies?
How can we nurture a sense of belonging?
How can we feel connected to our environment?
How can we experience a real sense of relationship?

Making Sense of Voices: Recovery and Discovery
With Eleanor Longden
Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 June 2010
Cost: Individuals £140, Funded places £170

Hearing voices is a deeply meaningful experience, even if these meanings are painful and difficult to face. However, while attempts to eradicate voices are considered a 'cure response' by conventional mental health services, understanding, accepting and integrating the emotional and personal significance of one's voices is the recovery response. This two-day session will explore how practitioners can support clients to make sense of their voices, recover their well-being and in doing so promote practical healing and emotional growth. Particular attention will be given to ways of working with powerful and controlling voices.

Power in Therapy and Supervision
With Colin Lago and Gillian Proctor
Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June 2010
Cost: Individuals £140, Funded places £170

‘When we enter into therapy we give enormous power to the therapist because we want to see that person as someone who can take our pain away. Such power can be abused’. (Dorothy Rowe, 2002).

Temenos Person-Centred Education & Training, 289 Abbeydale Road Sheffield S7 1FJ
T: 0114 258 0058

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