Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meetings [updated 23 January 2010]

It's been a while - much too long - since we met up. A few new 'members' got in touch in 2009 and won't know how good it used to be!

Anyway - enough of history.

I would like to offer to organise and host a meeting in Bradford City Centre - sometime in February 2010. I'd like to know:

1. Would you be interested in attending?
2. Good/bad days/dates/times?
3. Any other thoughts about meetings - frequency, format - whatever?

My personal vision is of a 3-4 hour sessions, no less frequently than bi-monthly - the first being split equally between reviewing the group/network and what we want from/can give to it, planning for the year ahead and sustainability; and time for a specific area of focus.

Since 'PCA in education settings' has been by far the most frequently mentioned topic of interest in the last year's correspondence, I'd suggest that for our first session.

If enough people attend it will undoubtedly be possible for the group to split at 'focus time' into themed and open groups, depending on levels of interest in each session's theme.

I don't want to say much more than that really. It's hard enough to get people to read and respond to the simplest of requests sometimes, so i don't want to splurge all my ideas on you in one go. Meeting up is the point of this: I hope you will share my view that it will be worth the effort.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All best wishes

Paul Colley

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