Friday, March 24, 2006

Children-related stuff

Suicidal children
More than 1,000 suicidal children rang Child Line for help last year. The figure was 14 per cent up on 2003-2004. Most were teenage girls and some had already tried to kill themselves. ChildLine is now so worried at the rising numbers it is urging the Health Department to carry out a study of suicide in the young. It also wants every school to have a staff member responsible for pupils` mental welfare.

School calls in Samaritans
Pupils at one of Scotland's leading private schools have set up their own branch of the Samaritans to help youngsters who suffer at the hands of bullies. More than a dozen sixth formers at George Watson`s College have received counselling training from the charity, which is more commonly known for its telephone advice to adults considering suicide. Pupils at the 7,500-a-year Edinburgh school will now work with 12 to 17-year-olds whose problems may be as diverse as getting abusive text messages, being intimidated or excluded from a group, to experiencing physical violence. The counsellors will also deal with other emotional traumas, such as family bereavement.

From Counselling Newsletter March 2006

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