Thursday, October 06, 2005

Let's Meet (?)

Hi all

We have until 14 October to submit our revised entry for the BAPCA periodical, Person Centred Quarterly's Local Groups pages.

Following our visit to the BAPCA Local Groups meeting in Derby a couple of weekends ago, we (Seamus and I) came back with a number of ideas, chief amongst which is the need to set and publicise meeting dates in advance.

It is probably going to be impossible to find a day/time/place that will suit everyone, so if we don't receive any suggestions we will just go ahead and pick a couple of dates to take us to the end of the year. Again, without alternative offers or suggestions, the venue will be the Voluntary Services Centre in city centre Bradford.

If you have any views please get back to us asap.

In lieu of a 'proper' website, we have set up a fairly basic blog (weblog). Check it out at:

It is possible to post to the blog from any email by mailing to:

The subject line becomes the header for the new post, the message follows on as the text. Try it out. The blog is fully editable so don't worry too much about producing the perfect publication.

I have to say that Seamus and I returned from the local groups meeting with quite different feelings about our own group. I am currently feeling that the efforts are disproportionate to the response/outcome/benefit. Any amount of personal messages of appreciation for whatever has been done to date will do little to shift my view that my time could be much better spent than trying to get people to communicate and contribute when they don't feel moved to do so.

Prove me wrong.

Paul Colley


Richard Gale said...

Don't depair Paul. I'm sure it will be only a matter of time before were blogged out.

Paul Colley said...

I had thought of it as having done a cost-benefit analysis, but both Richard and Seamus have picked up on desperation in my communications of late. I am trying to keep positive, honest.